Takalontie 15, Kuusamo

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Winter Village Lammintupa, cafe - lunch - husky and reindeer rides - children's park

Bakery products fresh from the oven
Mirjami's doughnuts and buns melt in your mouth
and Jyri cooks pancakes out on the terrace.

Lammintupa is a cosy café situated by many popular ski and hiking routes (map). The café seats 60 people. In spring our terrace is the best place to enjoy the brightness of the sun. There are seats for 50 people in our terrace.

There are freshly baked buns and pies available every day. Start with a piece of savoury reindeer meat pie with a warm drink. For dessert a tasty bun still warm from the oven or a fresh, plump doughnut guarantee you a mouth-watering pleasure.

Come spring we cook our popular, large pancakes out on the terrace.

We are Closet. We are open daily from 10 am to 3 pm. from decenber

Monday to Saturday reindeer and husky rides from 10 am to 3 pm 



Kahvila Lammintupa

Takalontie 15
93999 Kuusamo

+358 040 755 4723
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